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South-east Europe: Through economic growth to stability


Dear Mr or Mrs,

We would like to introduce you to the concept of economic networking and encouraging investment in south-east Europe. The realization of this concept should lead to increased economic growth in south-east Europe, and thus contribute to political stability in the region. We believe that this can be achieved by establishing an effective organizational structure and selecting an appropriate business model.

In accordance with our vision, the goal is to focus on the countries in western Europe where there are enough financial resources, as well as potential investors willing to invest.

In the area of south-east Europe, we particularly want to develop projects related to infrastructure, environmental protection, energy, tourism, agriculture, processing industry, and encourage investment especially in these segments. CORAL Consulting Service should be useful to small and mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs who have quality business ideas and look for sources of funding in the EU member states to realize them. In this regard, the CORAL Consulting Service may serve as a useful intermediary.

We would also like to point out that each country in the region, their municipalities and cities can benefit from various EU funds which can be used for cross-border and interregional cooperation. It is of great importance for the European Union. Due to the lack of experience in applying for EU funds and the lack of specialists for such tasks, such funds often remain unused.

Coral Consulting Service is planning a variety of jobs and activities. Their purpose is to strengthen economic growth and development and achieve sustainable and stable growth.

Yours sincerely,
Zdenko Striga
Our motto: South-East Europe: Through economic networking to long-term, sustainable stability
Our plan: create the basis for effective networking of the countries and regions of South-East Europe with the EU and individual Member States outside South-East Europe
Our objective: intensify economic relations and investments in the region of South-East Europe
Our interest: initiate cross-border and inter-regional projects and investments financed with EU funds
Our belief: only sustained investment can lead to economic and political stability in the entire region 
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